The Museo Egizio in Turin has its own website for the Turin Papyrus Collection. Not only is the online database TPOP accessible via this website, there is also a section on the history of the collection including a description of some of the highlight objects.

The Papyrus Collection consists of nearly 700 whole or reassembled manuscripts and over 17,000 papyrus fragments, documenting over 3,000 years of written material culture in seven scripts and eight languages. It contains texts of various types, and the manuscripts originate from several locations.

-Text types

narratives, teachings, documentary, letters, codices, journals, rituals, funerary and magical texts etc.


Gebelein, Thebes, Deir el-Medina, This, Asyut, Saqqara, Hermopolis


hieratic, Demotic, Coptic, Greek, Arabic, abnormal hieratic, cursive hieroglyphs.

Numerous videos with interviews with researchers and restorers are uploaded on the respective subpages, as well as infographics and videos from the exhibition rooms. These materials are freely available and are also suitable for the use in academic teaching, as the
focus lies on the latest research into the Turin papyri.