The international conference on Magic and Thought will take place at the University of Granada. First session: April 24th-26th. Second session: November 27th-29th 2024.

The conference is organized by: HERMEKATE Research Group HUM404, Department of
Greek and Slavic Philology, University of Granada.

The HUM 404 HERMEKATE Research Group and the Department of Greek and Slavic Philology of the University of Granada (Spain) are pleased to announce the 1st edition of the International Congress “Magic and Thought”. Our goal is to bring together scientists, researchers and professionals from various disciplines to communicate, debate and share
the latest advances in research on the historical and cultural phenomenon of Magic, in the historic city of Granada. There will be two sessions: first one on April 24 to 26, 2024; second one on November 2024. This will be a space to achieve a holistic understanding of the role of magic in the history of human thought, covering rational, metaphysical, artistic-literary and sociocultural aspects. We hope to spark conversations that illuminate the many ways magic has shaped our understanding of the world.

The growing cultural interest in magical beliefs, classes and practices is evident in the abundance of philological and anthropological studies on the subject. Until now, research has focused on specific aspects that shed light on its nature and meaning, including
magical texts and rites, psychological mechanisms and poetics. However, the role of magic in the history of human thought, culture, society, science and the arts has not yet been sufficiently delved into. According to M. Bakhtin, “the magical united within itself everything that later became artistic influence and scientific knowledge(…) and
thanks to this a rich and profound life of images arose.”

The congress will offer a unique perspective on the development of philosophical thought and its relationship with the supernatural. Of special interest is analyzing the survival of the magical in Folklore and Literature and the Plastic Arts, the ways of representing and
exploring the magical world in different narratives and theater. It is also interesting to delve into basic current applications such as prestidigitation magic, whose didactic values, which challenge perceptions through tricks and illusions, stimulate the imagination and
foster the ability to think in an unconventional way. Magic in contemporary society is another aspect that will be developed in the congress sessions.

We invite scholars and professionals from various disciplines including, but not limited to, Philology, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Anthropology and Cognitive Sciences, to contribute their perspectives to the study of magic.

The Congress will be held in-person / online at the University of Granada and the official languages of the Congress are Spanish and English.

Proposals for papers/posters on one of the Congress topics will be accepted until March 30, 2024/ September 15, 2024. Please send your proposal and personal data using the submission form attached below. The Program Committee will review the submissions. Decisions and the full program for the first session will be announced on the Congress website by April 15, 2024.

Presentations should last about 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute discussion.

Congress topics:

-Origins and nature of magic

-Metaphysics and philosophical hermeneutics of magic and astrology in historic perspective

-Aesthetic dimension of magic

-Magic and society

Contact details:

The Organizing Committee for the I INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON MAGIC AND

e-mail: [email protected]

Consult the call for papers and the agenda of the congress at the
following link:

Inscription / participation fee

Participation fee: 95 €
Reduced fee for Postgraduate (Master’s or Doctorate): 45 €
Participation online 45 €
Students: 35€
Only assistance:0 euros.

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