Were the ancient Nemean Games held in honor of Zeus or Opheltes?

Who discovered the ancient Stadium: Miller, Milner, or Ziller?

If you ‘re curious for the answers to these queries and much more, plan a visit to the fascinating Archaeological Site of Nemea and try out the brand-new digital game “Opheltes’ Untold Stories”!

“Opheltes’ Untold Stories” is a free mobile game designed for the Archaeological Site of Nemea. Guided by the mythical Opheltes, players are called to explore the Museum halls, the Archaeological Site, and the Stadium. By solving riddles and engaging in fun activities they will uncover the secrets of the Nemean Games.

The digital game can be played individually or in groups and it is suitable for children 10 years and above, as well as adults with a youthful spirit and families! Hosted on the “Actionbound” app, it will be available in Greek and English for two years (2024–2025).

Click the link below to find the game and install the app: https://actionbound.com/bound/ofeltis-untold-stories

Are you ready to time-travel back to the world of antiquity? “Opheltes” is waiting for you!

The digital game was created by Diadrasis and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corinth, funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union as part of the European Heritage Days joint action.