Podarouli hill stands at the foot of mount Mavrovouni , not far from the Rodia and Tsoukalou lagoons of the Amvrakikos Bay. On the hill and in the lower adjacent area there are scattered ancient remnants dating from various periods, mainly from the Roman era, these are the remains of the extensive complex of a country-house. The finding of sections of disintegrated floor mosaics in the country-house, at the northern part of the complex in 1992, led to urgent conservation of the mosaics by a group of specialists. According to excavational data, the country-house belonged to a rich land-owner, whose activities were protected by the authorities of the neighbouring city of Nicopolis, which was founded by the first Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus to commemorate his glorious victory in the naval battle of Actium in 31 BC. The completion of excavations at the country-house, the necessary conservation works and their protection by shelters are of great importance for the proper promotion of this archaeological site that is unique to North-western Greece.