Ancient Greek furniture has not, until recently, come to the attention of scholars, probably because almost none has been preserved. Furniture differs from country to country although it serves the same purpose and needs everywhere. It is in accordance with the aesthetics and the environment, and, above all, with the tradition of each people. As a result, various styles of furniture have been created as the Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Gothic, baroque, etc. During the Minoan period the design of Minoan and Greek furniture derived from west Asia and Egypt. From the Mycenaean period and the time of Homer, however, this furniture affected by the Aegean light and the Greek spirit, started turning into pure Greek forms ; a happy marriage of Greek to more ancient civilizations. By the 6th century BC Greek furniture was entirely Greek in conception and execution. The Greek craftsmen employing their imagination and art reached perfection of form and function. This furniture served as a model for Roman, Medieval, and even for European furniture.