Greek drama has always charmed foreigners. This becomes particularly obvious in contemporary performances of classic tragedies and comedies ;put on stage all over the world. They are staged sporadically or sytematically, following the theatrical tradition of centuries or merely as meteorites, framed by scientific knowledge and the recollection of past performances or by the glamour of originality. It is commonly accepted, that during the last decades the interest of theatrical companies, actors and directors in ancient dramatic texts has not only multiplied the relevant performances throughout the world, but has also made known to the public certain tragedies, which were seldom staged or had never been put on stage before. The reasons, which brought the works of the Greek classics with such an emphasis to the fore, do not, of course, coincide everywhere and are different if not from place to place, at least, from the one geographic and cultural unity to the other. The staging of an ancient tragedy in Western Europe serves, for example, different needs of the public and of the people involved in theatrical art, than in the countries of the Far East.