Futurism is a special “ism” that appeared at the beginning of the century to agitate by its different forms and its unity not only the world of arts but also the entire concept of the world into which it was born. It is certain that the contribution of futurism both to art history and to history is of great importance. It managed to conceive the death and immobility of thought and traditional art.

The repertoire of futurist music follows and shares the repertoire of the other manifestations of futurist art, as well as its ideology and philosophy. Its themes are war, industrialization, motion, speed, adoration of modernism, etc. Α series of “studies” prepared the revolution of music that started from its very “explosion”. These studies violently attacked the traditional writing of music common up to the early 20th century by changing the architecture of conventionaI musical models and aiming to the absolute tonic freedom through the breaking of musical joints.