An extended cemetery consisting of tumuli and dating from the Archaic period has been located at Hagios Georgios. Quite a few ancient tombs, containing collective burials and rich offerings have been discovered, the result of a prolonged archaeological research in two tumuli. These tombs, rectangular inside and horse-shoe shaped outside, were constructed with slabs of limestone. Clay or bronze ash urns had been placed on the tomb pavements.These urns preserved the cremated bones of the dead and their funerary offerings, mainly bronze clasps and iron weapons (swords, spearheads, small and large knives and arrowheads). In two tombs of the same tumulus the iron parts of three chariots have been found. The chariots must have been used for the cremation and thus they were also cremated. The custom of cremation prevails in this cemetery. The corpses must have been cremated at a place nearby from where the incinerated bones were transferred in big urns.