A series of institutions and bodies that produce and employ the human power of dance set up the contemporary dance reality in Greece. Dancers, teachers of dance and choreographers graduate from schools that offer the basic knowledge of the field and promise them the career they desire. However, this system presents malfunctions In absorbing the young people, since, as soon as they graduate full of dreams, they face the hard reality of unemployment, because the opportunities for a professional career are extremely limited. An art bound by the gears of bureaucracy, the shortage of substantial financial support and the lack of

confidence on the part of the governmental bodies, has to find ways to release Itself from a long past of indifference. The future actions and plans of the private or public sector should take into consideration: the demand for creation of new institutions and bodies that will function in parallel with the existing ones that enjoy international recognition: the decentralization of dance bodies and the participation of more public bodies, besides the Ministry of Culture, in the financial assistance to dance: the creation of additional jobs and opportunities for the absorption of the unemployed professionals; the possibility for a broader, of a university level education, so that dance studies to obtain a better background than simple practice. And above all, good humor and fellow -feeling from and to the colleagues dance professionals, a decisive factor for every fruitful creation.