The project “Leivethra: Conservation and Promotion of the Archaeological Site” refers to the development of an archaeological area in the county of Pieria , which extends at the foot of Mount Olympus, close to the communities of Leptokaria and Skotina. Leivethra lies not far from the sea and the National Road 1 (Thessaloniki-Athens), next to the mountain road connecting National Roads 1 and 13 (the Old National Road Thessaloniki-Athens via Elassona] and on one of the first hillocks of Olympus, which juts out like a promontory in the exceptionally beautiful basin torrents that form the Zeliana river bed. This project has been designed for the conservation and promotion of the ancient acropolis of Leivethra, so that one of the most important historic sites in one of the most impressive landscapes of Mount Olympus can develop in the right way. It also includes plans to create a scenic route in the region (the south coast of Pieria, Mount Olympus and foothills, Skotina, Palia Skotina, Palios Panteleimon, the castle of Platamonas). This area is mentioned repeatedly in ancient literature, in relation to Orpheus and the myth of the Olympian Muses.