During the years 1977 to 1978, prehistoric working and living sites were discovered at the Faneromeni area of Nea Artaki village (central Euboea). Sites are found near or on the rich flint surface layer. These sites can be attributed to Lower, Middle, Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic times. One kilometer north of Faneromeni, at Voleri area, many Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites were discovered, also on another rich flint surface layer. In the limestone area that lies between those two prehistoric sites, very few lithic tools have been found. The good quality of flint should have been the main reason in attracting people to Nea Artaki territory. Having this in mind we tried to confirm it by searching another flint layer is Central Euboea. Thus we found (1979) one more flint working and living site located about fifteen kilometer north of Nea Artaki at Eftakonaka in Makrikapa village. We can conclude, that places where hard rich layers of stone exist, offer to searchers the possibility to find lithic artifacts or other remains of prehistoric working sites