On the 3rd of August 1993, the general public was invited to participate in an “Open House” at the Minoan settlement and palace of Petras, and at the Archaeological Museum of Siteia. Guided by Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou and her team, the visitors were taken around the site, through the permanent exhibition in the Museum, and the temporary displays both in the Museum and in the workshop. The programme endeavored to break through the barriers which exist between the public and Archaeology, bringing the visitor into contact with the every-day work of the archaeologist. Among the many objects exhibited were numerous finds normally unseen -undecorated pottery, sherds, stone tools, that is, such material as are rarely displayed in showcases- in addition to outstanding discoveries yet to be officially exhibited. The “Open House” attracted interested visitors from Siteia, as well as Greek and foreign archaeologists. A public lecture by the excavator closed the day’s activities.