The outreach programmes comprise activities inside and mainly outside the museum, which aim to consolidate (he dialogue with the community and to offer services to an isolated, as regards place or ideas, public By providing the museum a contact with a very diversified public, they shape energetically the visitors’ profile and strengthen the social role of the museum The article presents three different outreach programmes, developed by the Greek Children’s Museum. “The Children’s Museum in the Hospital” and the “Coloured Route”, which the museum presented in ten different Greek cities, functioned as a dynamic opening to a new public and expanded the museum’s services to other areas. The last programme – “Join Us to Construct the Museum’s Guide”- invigorated the relations with an already existing public, through a series of activities inside and outside the museum premises And most important, it offered children the chance not only to get acquainted with the “behind-the-scenes” museum, but also to contribute to its function. The variety of approaches and also the challenge they comprise became obvious through the presentation of the fore mentioned programmes; apart from the public’s response, the museum has to find ways for retaining its contact and dialogue with the community, in order these two partners to create an essential and life-long relation between them.