The Peloponnesian Folk Institute in Nauplion offers two kinds of educational programs, one for children who visit the Museum individually and another for students who visit the Museum as a class. The programs for children take place at the old railway station depot, granted to the Peloponnesian Folk Institute by the Municipality of Nauplion. The depot underwent restoration and was used to house the Museum collections related to children as well as its educational programs. Being primarily focused on Greek folk dancing lessons the programs for the children of Nauplion are planned according to the order of the folk calendar, but they also refer to other topics: The Shadow Theater, the -discovery» of the city of Nauplion through painting, experiencing the natural environment near the city. Pupils of elementary school can attain the educational program: “Making a Textile” on the premises of the Institution. This program refers to a permanent exhibition in the Museum that displays the procedure in the “production, refinement and application of materials for weaving”.

Students of the third grade of the Gymnasium as well as those of the Lyceum have the opportunity to get accustomed to “Nineteenth Century Nauplion” through a tour in the older quarters of the city. The teachers interested can use as educational material the publications of the Institute that deal with folk culture and especially with folk costumes and music. In addition, another educational activity of the Peloponnesian Folk Institute is the organisation of meetings and seminars for the teachers of Nauplion and its vicinity.