The island of Euboea which has high mountains, deep ravines, rivers, forests and rich flora, is one of the most interesting Greek isles both for the nature lover and the ordinary traveller. Mountain ranges divide the island into three sections (North-Central-South) and create a variety of climatic zones that favour the growth of many groups of plants. The spots at the foot of the mountains have flora common to that location, while as the altitude rises we find more and more “rare” plants growing there. Among the most impressive and important are the Paeonia mascula-hellenica, about fifty eight kinds of Orchis and Ophys as well as various endemic kinds of plants, such as the yellow Fritillaria euboeica, Sideritis euboea, Stachys euboica, Verbascum euboicum, Linum euboicum, Alissurn euboicum Centaurea ebenoides and many Campanulae.