This article corrects some points in the publication in the no 35 issue of the Archaeologia journal on the subject of a Greek Kylix . The kylix discussed is an Attic red figure vase dating from the 5th century BC. On it is depicted a tortoise behind the figure of a running man. In this picture the tortoise is a hybrid, having all the characteristics of a sea-turtle apart from its shell which is that of a tortoise (land turtle). The first staters of Aegina, minted in the years 700-404BC, display on the obverse side the peloglyph of a Land tortoise ‘s shell or carapace. This, it seems, stands for three Qhuena terms: a) “Oenone”, an earlier term for Aegina, b)” Oenopia,” another former name of Aegina, and c) “Oea”, early main inland town of Aegina.