The Cretan School of painting is represented in the county of Trikala by a remarkable series of wall-painted monuments such as those to be seen at the monasteries of Meteora. Two famous hagiographers, the celebrated Theophanes the Cretan and Tzortzis have decorated and signed their work there, Theophanes in the Hagios Nicolaos Anapausas Monastery (1527) and Tzortzis in the Doutsikou Monastery (1557). Two important artistic centres Trikala and Stagoi, the present Kalambaka, rise from the painting tradition of these two monasteries and flourish. Therefore,distinguished painters from these parts of Greece create works in which the typical elements of the Cretan School are more than apparent. However, only very few of these hagiographers mention the place of their origin in the dedicatory inscriptions. This omission has not been explained as yet with a sound argument.