The Society of Euboean Studies (S.E.S.) was established in 1935 by eight Euboean scientists,whose objective was the research and promotion of Euboean issues, as well as the publication of a periodical manual containing studies about Euboea and of the North Sporades islands. The title of this manual is “Archion Evoikon Meleton” (- Archive of Euboean Studies), (A.E.M.), and has never ceased to be published —except for the years of the German occupation. The S.E.S. publications now amount to 28 large volumes and 16 independent appendixes. S.E.S. ‘s presence in the intellectual movement and cultural efforts in Euboea has promoted it to the first and most important intellectual Society of the Euboean county. In 1964, the Academy of Athens awarded it a prize, in acknowledgement of its significant work from a scientific and national point of view, which aimed at raising Greek standards in general, and particularly those of the Euboean public . Apart from the above publications which cover the entire spectrum of Euboean interests such as history, archaeology, the environment, bibliography, architecture, music etc., S.E.S. organizes a great number of lectures of scientific interest, as well as congresses, symposiums and scientific weekends in the province of Euboea. Also, in cooperation with the competent authorities, it takes care of the protection of archaeological sites and of the preservable buildings of Euboea, as well as seeing to the rescue of the Euboean environment. This article contains studies concerning only the ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine periods, included in the volumes of A.E.M. as they have been published chronologically. Congresses and symposiums as well as environmental matters are also included.