In a study of the art sites on the World Wide Web, a number of sites with links, electronic resources, texts and images about Greek art and archaeology were collected from various art home-pages on the WWW. Analysis of the characteristics of these art sites was used to develop a list of online Greek artspace. The analytic categories which were developed inductively and the material included in each site, give us some idea of the dimensions of online presentation, the educational, technological, and communication capabilities of the Web in this area and leaves little doubt that it should act as a a stimulus to Greek museums and to the Classics Departments of Greek Universities to use this tool. A preliminary review of the features of the Greek Art Site on the Web, the details of which are provided below, indicates that most information is provided by servers established in areas outside Greece with the majority in Universities of the U.S. The majority of those sites established in Greece belong to state organisations such as universities, ministries and institutions mostly of a technological nature. No site belongs to a server of museums, galleries or art establishments. Thus the first impression is that the Greek art community does not contribute to the presentation of its own art on the Internet and this role has been undertaken by third parties The list provided here is a reasonable point of departure for educators or art historians interested in investigating these issues and the tools available today for using the Web as an adjunct to teaching and research. The list’s classes of resources identify the predominant strains of activity related to Greek art history on the Web today and in each case provides the site’s address on the Internet. If you are working with the WWW. most of the hypertext links provided in this paper, are built ready for clicking on at the address: -22g.html.