The mode of exhibition of the ancient objects in the Museum of Volos is dictated by both an aesthetic and by their educational evaluation.

The re-exhibition in rooms 2 and 4 (D. Theocharis) has followed the beaten path.Objects were chosen on the basis of their aesthetic value and have been displayed as the most representative examples of a certain phase of civilization.

In contrast to this approach the re-exhibition in rooms 3, 5 and 6 (G. Chourmouziadis) realizes the notion that the museum must be a museum of the History of Civilization; therefore, the visitor, regardless of his educational background, is informed of the cultural physiognomy of various historic unities. Finally, the temporary exhibition in room 1, organized by the scientific staff of the Museum of Volos, served the need that recently discovered archaeological material be publicly displayed. It is stressed that a museum is, above all, a place of creative cooperation between scientists, restorers, workmen, etc., whose objective it is to obtain new information through systematic research.