A concise presentation is attempted in this brief note of three major research issues of contemporary Palaeolithic Archaeology. Archaeological evidence of the Palaeolithic period in Greece is investigated within the framework of these issues and there is proof that owing to its geographical position at the crossroads the Near East and Europe, our country is an area of special interest for their approach.

1. The origin of the human species and its propagation in Europe/The Lower Palaeolithic period.

2. The origin of contemporary man (Homo sapiens sapiens) and his propagation in Europe/The transition from the Middle to the Upper Palaeolithic period.

3. The transition from the Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic period. From this brief survey it becomes obvious that in Greece we are in a position to locate an abundance of archaeological evidence. This will contribute decisively to the investigation of the great financial, social and cultural changes that took place during the Palaeolithic period. In years to come, the objective of scholars must not only be the discovery of new sites but also the completion of a reference system in which the Greek data will be combined with those from abroad for a better understanding of the past.