The Direction of the Restoration of Antiquities, which also covers the needs of the cultural sector, administratively belongs to the Ministry of Culture. Since its establishment in 1978, its main objective is the coordination and supervision of restoration work all over the country, and has compiled volumes on restoration and conservation, perhaps unique in Greece. The Direction is divided into the Department of Restoration proper and the Department of Research, although the latter still remains inactive due to lack of specialized personnel and properly equipped laboratories. The research needs are usually covered by the Center of Stone, the chemical laboratory of the National Archaeological Museum, the Center of Nuclear Research “Democritos”, the Institute of Geological Studies of Greece, etc. Needless to say that the Department of Restoration has to be further staffed with scientists of all relevant specialities in order to create the prerequisites for the essential change of approach to the restoration of antiquities in Greece . The actual advancement of the Department of Restoration is necessary, so that restoration work might contribute effectively not only to the conservation of objects of our cultural heritage but also to the deeper understanding of the scientific problems and historical events related to the object under restoration.