Both the notion of women’s inferiority to men, also that of a woman’s place being in the home become abundantly evident where the question of women’s employment is concerned. Women are used as alternative labour to men’s and usually are given unspecialized jobs. A distinction is made between men’s and women’s jobs. Women, however, are called upon to fill in three times the working hours of a man, as they are working women, housewives, wives and mothers as well as being called upon to make up for the lack of social policy in children’s crèches, old people’s homes and whatever no care has been taken of by the Greek state. Furthermore, women who work at home or in family businesses lack any insurance whatsoever and women’s unemployment is seen as a gift towards greater job openings for men. Women are not represented in the Trade Unions and international law provides only for certain issues or in practice these are not put to effect. As a result women live a life which has nothing to do with what is preached by the letter of the law.