On mount Parnassus at a height of 1360 metres, this cave was dedicated to the worship of Pan and the Nymphs and was probably the first religious centre to exist in the region around Delphi. Humans seem to have been present in the cave from Paleolithic times. There are more finds belonging to the 6th century on, such as vases, clay idols and busts, rings and knuckle-bones. By Roman times, the cave’s fame as a place of worship seems to have faded. Other finds are clay statuettes of Pan, a picture in relief of the nymphs driven by Hermes, statuettes of women. What however were all the knuckle-bones found in the cave used for? Were they children’s games or instruments of divination? Perhaps before the worship of Pythia at Delphi there was an oracle at the Korikio cave.