The Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa, founded in 1993, comprises works of mainly Karditsa-born painters, among whom two personalities of the generation of the 1930s prevail: Dimitris Gioldasis (1897-1993) and Giorgos Valtadoros (1897-1930). The enrichment of its collections in recent years was oriented towards acquiring modern works, regardless of the artist’ origin, and coincided with donations of similar philosophy. A priority of equal importance to the renovation of the style of the building was the safeguarding of the extending museum treasures through restoration. The most difficult phase of the restoration has to do with the Gioldasis’ Collection, since many works of this group had a painting underlayer of interior quality and had been kept in appropriate conditions until their donation to the Art Gallery. The restoration work performed was both preventive – controlled conditions in the new storage rooms – and remedial –lining and overall aesthetic rehabilitation of the paintings, in accordance with the painting materials already used. The housing of the Municipal Art Gallery in its new building in the summer of 2000 brought to the limelight a series of problems created so much by the physiognomy of a completed building and the limitations it imposed, as much by the museological needs dictated by the collections. A group of experts has decisively contributed to the successful handing of both the artistic material and the space function, in relation to the local community and the presumptive visitors of the Art Gallery.