The Palaeolithic period on Euboea is confirmed by quite a few relevant elements from its centre as well as by certain indications from other parts of the island. Our limited information is undoubtedly due to the fact that no systematic research of this period has been carried out until today. The first effort for the proper approach to the subject started in 1991 with the Ephorate of Antiquites of Euboea in collaboration with this period’s specialist Dr. E.S. Papakonstantinou. It was, however, no more than an investigation of the progress in research regarding Palaeolithic Euboea. Besides tools from the Nea Artaki area, various other finds of the Palaeolithic period come from the following locations:

The nearby sites Kotsika and Agali on the northeast coast of Euboea; the Manika peninsula, on the west coast, close to Chalkida; the Hagios Vasileios-Hagia Anna site at the Hagios Vasileios bay, on the northeast part of the island; on the northwestern part of Euboea the sites Hagios Athanasios and Hagios Georgios Limnis; and the site Tabouri Kirinthou, south of Agali. It is not certain whether the sites of central Euboea, as well as of Velos further to the south, are in fact Palaeolithic as they have been regarded in various publications. The systematic research of specialists, which will also evaluate the major or minor groups of Palaeolithic implements, will provide the final answers to questions concerning the Palaeolithic period on Euboea.