One of the most important excavations of the last decades in Crete is that at Tourkoyitonia, Archanes, where a long ago searched for palace was located by J. Sakellarakis. Twenty-eight rooms of the Palatial Building have been excavated so far in the central section alone. Therefore, it is very probable, as the orientation of other building remnants, the archives and the “theatrical” area – excavated in other parts of the archaeological site – indicates, that the palace under discovery is going to be an entire, huge building complex. The size, the luxury of construction and the valuable finds from the Palatial Building as well as many other co-ordinate data (an intense and high artistic workshop production, besides the agricultural one; the contacts with other regions in Crete and overseas; and a considerable religious activity directly related with Youchta Mount, which dominates Archanes) are undeniable proofs of the power, self-reliance and prosperity of Archanes during the Neopalatial period.