The Restoration Centre of Florence in the twenty years of its existence has not only carried out a series of restoration projects in antiquities but has also functioned as a centre of research into the deterioration of archaeological materials.

The success and international reputation of the Centre are due not only to its principles and orientation, which dictate an efficient research and a creditable restoration, but mainly to its staff and means. Its 3.500 square metres include fully equipped laboratories for restoration, physicochemical and biological analysis and photographic ateliers, where sixty specialists solve annualy all the restoration problems of approximately 2.500 – 3.00 antique metal and ceramic objects. Among the methods invented by the restorers of the Centre are two techniques for filling / substituting missing parts of ceramics and metal-work.

Some of the most important restoration works executed in the Centre are the François Vase, the Pediment of Telamon, the Sarcophagus of the Married Couple of the Louvre and the bronze male statues of Riace.