Phiales are classified under the category of libation vases, which usually belong to priests, therefore, they are considered to be finds of exceptional importance. The phiale presented here comes from a tiled-roofed grave of the Classic period, which was discovered in April 1988 by the archaeologist Ms Eleni Konsolaki in the area “Diavolorema” of Troizinia region. We have chosen to present step by step all the restoration stages of the phiale as an example, because on the one hand the material it is made of, bronze, is especially sensitive; and on the other, because the phiale was heavily damaged due to the continuous and shocking humidity changes of its environment. The state of preservation of the vase has supplied the basic information for its reconstruction, which was achieved with the help of the modern restoration materials. The phiale is today housed in the Archaeological Museum of Peiraeus, in an environment with stabilized, low humidity conditions.