Although the origin of the cult and the genealogy of the Kabeiroi have remained obscure, the excavations of the Italian Archaeological School at cape Chloe have advanced our relevant knowledge. According to the results of this research project, that was initiated in 1937-1938 and has been continuing from 1982 until today, it seems highly probable that the first known sanctuary of the Kabeiroi with the oldest in the Greek region Telesterion was situated there. A number of graffiti on pottery finds, drawn in the same alphabet and leanguage with the known Tyrrenian stele from Kaminia, of the sixth century B.C. -presently in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens-, prove beyond doubt that this sanctuary is related with the Tyrrenians and that the problem of their origin as well as of their arrival to Lemnos is in all probability connected with the first appearance of the Kabeirian cult in the Aegean basin.