The date and circumstances of the foundation of ancient Greek cities are probably the major problems that scholars face in studying their history, since these two factors have greatly affected the future development of cities. The scholars who study the early history of the city of Chersonessos have oriented their research towards the following relevant issues:

a. Rejection of Pseudo-Scymnos testimony as a historical source.

b. Replacement of certain words in Pseudo-Scymnos text, which have excessively corrupted its meaning.

c. Creditability to the historicity of Pseudo-Scymnos text, as regards the participation of the Delians in the foundation of Chersonessos.

d. Examination of the available archaeological material, which can lead to the theory that Chersonessos was colonized for a second time by Greeks of Doric origin.

The combination of the two latter issues seems to prevail in modern bibliography. Thus, the early Ionic or Ionic-Doric colony of Chersonessos was founded in the late sixth century BC -functioning as a commercial base or as a poiis, in the ancient sense of the word-while during 422/1 the Doric, Heracleiotan city was rebuilt for a second time.