Christiana Strintzi, Ιστορίες Σμιλεμένες σε Πέτρα. Γνωριμία με τα γλυπτά της αρχαίας συλλογής του Μουσείου Μπενάκη (Stories carved in rock. Getting to know the sculptures of the Benaki Museum antiquities collection), Benaki Museum, Athens 2012, 16 pages.

Illustrations: 23 color photos

Language: Greek

ISBN 978-960-7671-71-1

This leaflet presents the adventurous yet painstaking path taken by precious marble from the quarry to the sculptor’s workshop. Marble gods, heroes and mortals from the Benaki Museum Antiquities collection will challenge young readers to get to know the ancient world through the eyes of the artists who created them.

Illustrated by: Alexandra Seleli