Scientists of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under the supervision of Geology-Biology professor and Dr of Palaeontology, Evangelia Tsoukala, found 5-9 million-year-old fossil bones of prehistoric animals in the area of Platania in Drama.

Fossils were found within sandstone–limestone sediments and are well preserved.

Professor Tsoukala mentions in a letter she has sent the mayor of Paranesti Mr. Karagioglou that it is a very interesting palaeontological site, one of the rare ones in Eastern Macedonia. It documents a variety of palaeofauna and the precursors of two different Equus species (small bovinae ranging in size from a gazelle, or antilope to a type of giraffe). According to the first survey results, the fossils are 5-9 million years old.

Surveys will be continued in the area.