“Craft-based Cultural Influences in the Mediterranean”

May 8-11, 2013 – Heraklion, Crete

The Hellenic Society for Archaeometry announces its 6th Symposium under the title “Craft-based Cultural Influences in the Mediterranean”.

The symposium will be held in May 8-11, 2013, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.


The science-based study of cultural heritage is usually focused on the examination and analysis of material remains, discovered at archaeological and historical sites. The technical examination of these remains, in the laboratory, provides information about raw materials and their sources, production technology, dissemination and the use of materials, preservation and weathering mechanisms. The archaeometric approach to archaeological sites and their surrounding landscape has concentrated on geophysical prospection, remote sensing and 3-D visualisation of monuments and historic buildings.

However, apart from the material culture that constitutes the main component of our cultural heritage there also exists, the intangible cultural heritage, which includes, among others, living traditions, knowledge and skills associated with individual crafts. Ethnographic studies of traditional crafts has been one approach in revealing insights in this intangible cultural heritage, while experimental archaeology into traditional practices has offered another. From the point of view of archaeolandscape studies, the intangible aspect thereof involves our sensory perception of it and constitutes a relatively new area of research.

The Scientific Committee of the 6th Symposium for Archaeometry, in an attempt to address:

a) the debate on crafts and craftsmen and their contribution to both the material and intangible cultural heritage and

b) the broader issues associated with archaeolandscape studies within the context of the Mediterranean, will be pleased to receive abstracts relating to the following Thematic Sessions:

Integrated studies on provenance and technology of material remains

Investigating landscapes and intangible cultural heritage within

Conservation science and technology

Biomaterials and archaeology

Organising Committee

The Council of the HSA with the generous contribution of Academic Institutions in Crete (to be announced). Further information will be available soon at www.archaeometry.gr as well as in the 2nd call.

For correspondence please contact:  Dr Effie Photos-Jones ( [email protected]; [email protected]),  Dr Ioannis Karatasios ( [email protected])

Abstract Submission by: 31st of October 2012