More than 50,000 visitors have seen the exhibition “Ice Station Antarctica” at the cultural centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World “Hellenic Cosmos”. The exhibition, organized by the Museum of Natural History in London, has been hosted in Athens since last October, and will be on show until April 28.

The exhibition offers visitors the unique chance to become Antarctic experts through authentic objects and plots which allow them to expose themselves to polar temperatures and the extreme conditions scientists have to cope with in their expeditions in the most frozen continent of our planet. Among other things, visitors face below zero temperatures in a simulated training station, they drive snowmobiles, dive into the frozen sea and observe wild animals of Antarctica.

On 700 m2, the exhibition tries to reveal the mysteries of this area through a great variety of sources. Designed for families and schools, thanks to its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology it gives visitors the opportunity –for once in their lifetime– to feel how it is to survive in the most important natural workshop of mankind.

Parallel to the exhibition the film “Ice Worlds” is shown in the “Tholos”, the Hellenic Cosmos’ dome-shaped Virtual Reality “theatre”. The film, a production by Evans & Sutherland and the Museum of National Science of Houston, with the scientific support of the University of New Hampshire, is an adventurous journey to the areas of Arctic and Antarctica.