A 57-year-old man, who had ancient objects in his possession in order to sell them, was arrested yesterday morning near the railway station Larissis in Athens, by policemen of the Cultural Heritage and Antiquities Department of the Attica Security Directorate.

The illegal antiquities found and seized by the police were: four small bronze masks of Silenus (height: 0,042-0,06 m), a bronze medallion with a relief female figure (0,14 m x 0,10 m), a fragment of a bronze vessel or mirror, a bronze theatrical mask (0,05 m x 0,10 m), a bronze relief bust (maximum height: 0,08 m), four bronze fragments which probably belong to vessels (handles), four bronze fragments and a bronze mass of an unidentified figure.

The objects, which show signs of corrosion, e.g. the typical green patina, were examined by the archaeologists of the Directorate for Documentation of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports, who said they date to the Classical period and fall within the protective provisions of the Law 3028/2002 on the Protection Of Antiquities And Cultural Heritage In General.