The lecture titled “Leska, A New Peak Sanctuary at Kythera” by Dr. Merkouris Georgiadis (Nottingham) will be given at the German Archaeological Institute of Athens on Wednesday, April 17.

This paper aims at presenting new evidence from the excavation that has been conducted at Leska peak on Mermigkari Mountain at the island of Kythera. The character of this site as a peak sanctuary during the Neopalatial period will be discussed in a local as well as in a wider insular framework. The topographic characteristics from Leska and the finds that were recovered from the research conducted at this site will be presented and their importance will be assessed accordingly. In particular, the finds will allow us to propose that different practices and rituals were conducted at the sanctuary, which will aid using the better understanding of the religious and symbolic beliefs associated with this site and more broadly with Kythera.