The European Network for Accessible Tourism has launched a new website, presenting the Directory of suppliers of accessible tourism services in all European Union countries: Pantou (the Greek word for Everywhere) is the acronym for Promoting Accessible Tourism in Europe.

The website aims at making it easier for all visitors with any kind of access needs who are planning a visit to find what they are looking for, and promoting European accessible tourism suppliers, showing places to go and things to do – in safety and with convenience and comfort.

As explained in the website “Pantou has been developed to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive pan-European guide to all kinds of tourism services that are currently offered for this market segment”.

Comprehensive Services

Suppliers who are listed on Pantou provide a wide variety of tourism services, including accommodation, facilities, transport, tours, venues and attractions that are designed to be inclusive and accessible for people who have a disability, long-term health condition or other specific accessibility requirements.

To be listed with Pantou, tourism suppliers must indicate the type of services offered and the particular target groups they can serve. Suppliers must also give a reference about the accessibility of their services. This reference may be either an accessibility information/auditing scheme or an access labelling scheme to which they belong.

For further information, visit the Pantou website