The CISEM (Sapienza University of Rome), in collaboration with Simulacra Romae, is organizing a conference on Roman architectural decoration, on 21-24 March 2014, in Rome, ten years after the 2004 meeting of the Cartagena La decoración arquitectónica en la ciudades romanas de occidente.

Objectives of the conference are to present an overview of recent studies on this topic, in Rome, in Italy and in the provinces, and a reflection and discussion on the method: the type and nomenclature, the possibilities and limits of interpretation style, relationship with the spaces of architecture, the problems related to the perception of architectural language.

The topics to be discussed will cover the roman architectural decoration studied in its main aspects, the “decorative” one, with the intertwining of cultures and artistic traditions in space and time (official and local traditions, continuity and shooting), and that of culture material (processing techniques, organization of workshops, material costs), which are essential to understand the changes that are occurrend along the time.

Call for paper

The proposal should be sent to the email address [email protected] by December 20, 2013, accompanied by an abstract of 1500 characters including spaces, in Italian or English. They will be about the topics listed in the perspective of the conference.

Acceptance of proposals will be communicated to authors via email by January 21, 2014.

The abstracts will be published on this site under CC-by-SA license, unless otherwise specified by the author.

The speechs will be diversified in time (between 10 and 20 minutes each), distributed along the three days of the conference, and a final day with a visit to an archaeological site significant, to establish yet.

It provides for the presentation of posters.

To help cover the costs of the organization and publication of speechs and posters, all participants will be required a fee, which entitles to a discount of 50% on the cost of purchase of acts and other benefits during the course of the conference.

For further information

For info about the conference, presentations, call for paper, location, suggestions and reporting problems, contact: Via telephone, every Tuesday and Thursday, 10-12 am (+39)06.49913129, or via E-mail: [email protected]