The Cyclades Chamber and the Institute of Apiculture of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization ELGO ‘Demeter’ ( in collaboration with the Eva Crane Trust (in honor of the great EVA CRANE – are organizing an International Symposium on “Beekeeping in the Mediterrenean from antiquity until today: historical findings and current issues” on the 9th, 10th and 11th of October in Ermoupoli Syros, Cyclades.

The main objective of the symposium is to present the findings related to the history of beekeeping in Greece and the Mediterranean, share experiences on the use of local honeybee breeds and have a broad discussion on current practical beekeeping issues such as proper and effective disease prevention and management.

Given that history shows us the way to the future, this symposium is relevant to all. Greek beekeeping tradition exists in our practice and our population and while the sector’s problems are numerous, there are prospects for growth.

The programme of the Symposium includes:

-Beekeping practice throughout the centuries (Session 1)

-Local bee breeds, their characteristics and maintenance (Session 2)

-Beekeeping practice – problems – Apiculture growth opportunities (Roundtable)

Richard Jones, Gilles Ratia, Prof. Gene Kritsky, Prof. Amihai Mazar, Irfan Kandemir, Cecilia Costa will attend the symposium as guest speakers from abroad.

For additional information on the Programme of the Symposium, participation or becoming a sponsor please contact Ms. Emmanuella Stamiri ([email protected]; tel +30 22810 82346 (ext. 105).