The European Cultural Centre of Delphi implements under the NSRF and the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence” the project “Promotion and elevation of the activities of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy”. The project has been approved of and awarded, after open competition, to PostScriptum.

The project refers to the promotion and elevation of the activities of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi and aims at informing thoroughly and attracting the public. The main objective of the project is to upgrade the digital services offered by the Centre of Delphi to citizens by utilizing the philosophy and technology of Web 2.0.

More specifically, the project includes the creation of several interactive applications, which are:

a) Interactive timeline in which the user will be able to navigate through personal routes in the history and the activities of the Centre of Delphi,

b) Application for mobile devices with virtual tour in the premises of the Centre,

c) Virtual tour in the collection of the Cultural Centre of Delphi, which refers to the Delphic Celebration and to Angelos and Eva Sikelianos, where visitors will have the opportunity to see the digital exhibits with alternative ways. In this context a virtual tour in the Residence of Sikelianos in Delphi, where part of the collection is exhibited,

d) Digital tour in Delphi,

e) Presentation of selected publications in a flippingbook format,

f) Creation of a YouTube channel in order to make available to the public important audiovisual material of the Centre and

g) Original action based on the principle of crowdsourcing and refers to the meeting of young artists through an open communication platform (blog).

In addition, a significant number of exhibits will be digitized and incorporated in the design of new sections on the website which already exists. The purpose of these modules is to inform and educate in an entertaining way (edutain) the virtual visitors and those who wish to prepare special visits to the premises of the Centre of Delphi and the surrounding area.