The Department of Classics and Ancient History at Durham University is seeking outstanding candidates to apply for Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships.  Further information, including eligibility criteria can be found at:

Further information about the Department of Classics and Ancient History can be found at:

Applicants for Early Career Fellowships through the Department of Classics and Ancient History will receive assistance in the form of feedback on individual draft applications, especially the project proposal. For this assistance, applicants need to contact Johannes Haubold ([email protected]), providing the following information, in good time
for detailed review and revision before an internal submission deadline of Thursday, 12 February 2015:

(a)   A current Curriculum Vitae

(b)   A detailed account of the proposed research, (2 pages of A4, Arial
11pt). This should include aims, objectives, methodology and publication
plans. The methodology should be clear and comprehensible to a non-expert.
Bibliographic references should be included in full.

(c)    An abstract (100 words) of the proposal in non-technical terms so as
to be easily comprehensible to a non-expert.

(d)    Details of research being undertaken in the department/centre at
Durham which is relevant to your proposal.