Cognitive approaches to classical literature have been steadily gathering steam in recent years. This conference focuses on Greek tragedy, a genre that has a long history of being read ‘cognitively’. Ever since Aristotle, many of the central themes in research on Greek tragedy centre on minds – the minds of the dramatis personae, the actors, the authors, the viewers, the readers, the artists, the scribes.

The conference “Minds on Stage” will focus on these cognitive approaches to Greek tragedy. It will take place in Leiden, on 15-16 April 2016.

The conference hopes to bring together those interested in both Greek tragedy and questions of cognition, with the aim of taking stock as well as exploring new cognitively-inflected approaches to classical texts.

Invieted are papers on any aspect of the field, including (e.g.) plotting, conventions, character, masks, props, visual representations, transmission, mind-reading, false belief, social reasoning, audience response, and the cognitive role of tragedy in ancient society.

Please send your abstracts by June 15, 2015 (please copy both organizers) to:

Prof. Ineke Sluiter, [email protected]


Dr. Felix Budelmann, [email protected]