The International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal. The aims of this publication are to be a global reference point in archaeology, as well as to serve as an international forum for the exchange of excellent scholarship in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue and inclusivity. Ultimately the aim is to enhance the academic experience, scholarly presence, and recognition of students worldwide.

IJSRA accepts papers addressing any topic and temporal sequence of archaeological interest. Research may be based in any geographical area, engage with any methodological and theoretical framework, and include integrative insights and evidence from any discipline. IJSRA encourages submissions of:

• Research articles that may include previously unpublished, unanalyzed material or experimental approaches. Should include an abstract and keywords as well as assessment of the contribution that this new evidence and its context provide to current academic debate. 3,000-5,000 words.

• Literature reviews and academic essays that present a relatively original perspective and ideally a comparative approach to the interpretation of already-published evidence and its contexts. Limited to 3,000 words and an abstract.

• ‘Debate’ articles based on unpublished or published evidence and that may challenge traditional, long-established academic perspectives. This sort of submission aims to “disrupt” scholarly narratives, foster further debate, and demonstrate student creativity and innovation in the search for alternative interpretations. Limited to 3,500 words.

• Condensed field reports or monographs. May include ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, survey, excavation, etc. Limited to 1,500-2,000 words.

The International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology does not charge any submission or publication fees. All submissions should be full papers written in English, including an abstract and five to seven key-words in both English and another field-relevant language (if applicable). Assistance with academic English of publishable articles will be provided upon request. When submitting, authors should include their name, degree/major, and academic institution in the body of the email. Authors must also be sure that the content of their original research papers has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere (although presentation in poster format and at conferences is acceptable). The manuscript, submitted as a Word document, should be adapted to the Harvard citation system (author, date: page) ideally before submission but certainly before publication.

The deadline for submissions for the first issue is September 1, 2015. E-mail for Submission: [email protected]

IJSRA welcomes abstracts beforehand or inquiries about content categories. Undergraduate and Masters students are especially welcome to submit.

Correspondence, further information, and other queries should be addressed to: Gonzalo Linares Matás, Executive Editor. BA Archaeology and Anthropology, St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford:[email protected] ;ás