Are you an Egyptologist or a Papyrologist? Do you conduct or plan research (master thesis, dissertation, etc.) in the field of Digital Humanities? How do you manage your data? Are
you involved into new forms of teaching? Do you want to bring along your field into society and could talk about innovative methods?

The Alexander von Humboldt-Lehrstuhl für Digital Humanities Institut
für Informatik and the Ägyptologisches Institut/Ägyptisches Museum – Georg Steindorff  organize a workshop on “Altertumswissenschaften in a Digital Age: Egyptology, Papyrology and Beyond” in Leipzig.

The aim of the workshop is to bring people together who envision a future for “Altertumswissenschaften” in times of transition in what is often called the “Digital Turn”. From November 4 to 6, 2015 Egyptologists and Papyrologists are invited for two days of presentations and one day for a workshop.

This call for papers has four key research areas:

Day 1:
1) How to structure, organize and represent data? Workflow 
2) Which Fields of Research are relevant? Established and Emerging Use Cases
Day 2:
3) How to train the next generations? Teaching
4) How to impact society? Citizen Science and Public Engagement

The workshop on day 3 will be reserved for discussion in small groups, touching the issues of Disruptive Technologies, Annotated Corpora, and leaves room for general discussions.

Interested participants (paper presentations: 20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion or 30 minutes plus 15 minutes of discussion), should send a title, duration, an abstract
(max. one page) and a short CV to Monica Berti and Franziska Naether
until September 15, 2015. Those interested to
attend the workshop on day 3 should inform the organizers. 

There is no conference fee. Participants have to make their own hotel and travel arrangements under the usual travel regulations (economy class airfare, 2nd class train, up to 70 EUR per night for hotel, 70 EUR per day spending money).

Organizers & Contact:

Dr. Monica Berti
Alexander von Humboldt-Lehrstuhl für Digital Humanities Institut
für Informatik Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Internet: E-Mail: [email protected]

Dr. Franziska Naether
Ägyptologisches Institut/Ägyptisches Museum – Georg Steindorff –
Goethestraße 2, 04109 Leipzig, Germany Telefon 0341 97-37146
Telefax 0341 97-37029
E-Mail: [email protected]