The Department of Classics at the University of Reading, in partnership with the Department of Film, Theatre and Television, and the Reading Film Theatre, will present a short season of films titled “Greek Tragedy on the Small Screen”.  In January and February 2017 films of Greek tragedy will be shown, that were first made for British TV.  This is a unique opportunity to see films that are usually confined to the archives of the British Film Institute.

The films will be shown in the Minghella Cinema on Wednesdays at 7 pm.  There is free parking on campus in the evening.  Tickets start at £5.

The films are:

January 25: Iphigenia in Aulis;

February 1: Agamemnon;

February 8: Electra.

More details about these films and their makers may be found at

Iphigenia will be introduced by Dr Amanda Wrigley (Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, Birmingham City University), with Q and A afterwards with Dr Wrigley and Prof. Jonathan Bignell (Department of Film, Theatre and Television, University of Reading); Agamemnon will be introduced by Prof. Barbara Goff (Department of Classics, University of Reading); Electra will be introduced by Dr Anastasia Bakogianni (School of Humanities, Massey University), with Q and A after the film with Dr Bakogianni and Prof. Anna McMullan (Film, Theatre and Television, Reading).