This year the Department of Archaeology and History of Art of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) / Faculty of History and Archaeology organizes its 11th Two-Day Archaeological Symposium entitled “Research XI: The Work of the Department of Archaeology and History of Art”.

The Archaeological Symposium of the Department of Archaeology and History of Art is an established scientific meeting which takes place every two years. The Symposium aims at the promotion first of the multi-faceted work, both research and excavation, of the Department’s staff members, who produce under difficult conditions but with seriousness, responsibility and modesty and secondly of the research discourse with the broader archaeological community. Additionally, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the excellent relations and cooperation projects of the Department’s staff members with the Greek Archaeological Service, the Foreign Archaeological Schools and other academic institutions. At the same time, PhD holders, PhD students as well as MA students are provided with a possibility to present part of their personal research. The publicity of the results of the work of the Department, as in any similar case, is a contribution to education and culture, which our society greatly needs. With all the aforementioned in mind, we are determined to keep up this tradition in the days to come.

The Symposium will take place in Athens, on April 6 and 7, 2017, in the “A. Argyriades” Amphitheatre Central building of the University of Athens (30, Panepistimiou Str., Athens).

The Organizing Committee: E. Mantzourani, M. Constantoudaki-Kitromilides, D. Pavlopoulos, D. Plantzos