Archaeologists in Switzerland have discovered remains of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic period. The discovery was made at the Arsenaux cultural centre in Sion at the canton of Valais.

Research at a construction site uncovered the remains of houses and graves as well as human remains from a burial, providing evidence of human habitation in the area in the Neolithic period. The remains of the villages date back to 5,500 BC .

Construction work at the site was carried out to build a new centre for the city’s archives, but due to the discovery it has been suspended until September, so that archaeologists can complete their work. If no other significant discovery is made at about the middle of September construction works will resume.

The Neolithic remains are quite significant because that period is not very well known in Switzerland. It was probably then that the first farmers arrived in Valais from Italy.

Previous discoveries of several important sites in Sion show that the area has been inhabited for approximately 10,000 years.