An innovative e-learning programme, entitled “Museum and Child”, is being implemented by the Museum of Cycladic Art, in collaboration with the E-Learning of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), developing one more avant-garde activity in the field of education.

The two-month programme, the first one of the Museum of Cycladic Art, focuses on the relationship between the Museum and the Child, examining activities and initiatives involving the child either as student or as family member. It is addressed to educators, museologists, professionals in the cultural field and to anyone who is interested in education within the Museum.

The Department of Educational Programmes of the Museum of Cycladic Art, one of the first in Greece, shares the knowledge and experience resulting from its 30 years of operation, creating an innovative programme which aims to develop practical skills and the exchange of knowledge.

As noted by Marina Plati, Director the Museum’s Educational Programmes: “The Museum of Cycladic Art, always open to new ideas about the interaction between museums and children, parents, teachers, students and individuals interested in museums, shares its many years of experience in designing and implementing educational programmes for the child. Through an on-line training programme offered in collaboration with the E-Learning of the NKUA, participants are given the opportunity to learn from international practices. It also equips them with useful techniques and tools for the effective design of pedagogical activities on culture and all kinds of museums.”

The programme consists of eight modules focusing on the multi-faceted pedagogical process achieved inside and via the Museum, critically examining practical applications. Each module has a different practice as its objective and gives directions and examples of good and bad practices from cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.

The modules include videotaped lectures, original texts and suggested bibliography, while constant educational support is provided during the programme.

Dimitrios Plantzos, Associate Professor of Classical Archeology of the University of Athens, is leading the programme. The Museum of Cycladic Art is responsible for the design and implementation of the programme, in collaboration with the E-Learning of the Centre of Lifelong Learning of the University of Athens.

Deadline for submission of applications: October 20, 2017.

First day of Courses: October 30, 2017.

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Tel .: 210 3689354 and 2103689381, e-mail: [email protected]