The return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece was requested by representatives of the Australian Government and the State of Victoria at a special event that took place at the offices of the Melbourne expatriates, on the occasion of the presentation of an exact copy of a section of the frieze which will now adorn the entrance of the expatriate offices, situated in one of the most central parts of the city.

“We demand and we will continue to demand rectification of the injustice committed by Lord Elgin two centuries ago. It is not only my personal opinion, but a permanent request from the Government of Victoria and all the parties that participate in it and our attitude will not change until justice is restored,” said Prime Minister of the State of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

The offices of the expatriate community are in the center of Melbourne, passed by daily by thousands of Australian citizens and tourists and, as Mr. Andrews said, it is important that everyone see the work and through it become aware of the importance of Greece’s contribution to our culture. “Thank you for adorning the third largest Greek city in the world with this work, to remind us that the Marbles must return to their place of birth,” he concluded.

Statements by other Australian officials were in a similar tone, such as that by Victoria’s opposition leader, Matthew Guy and deputy finance minister Michael Sukkar, who assured that they will support Greece’s request for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens.

The event coincided with the Conference on Health Tourism in Greece, organized by the International Health Tourism Centre and the World Institute of Greek Doctors, in collaboration with the Greek Community of Melbourne and the Greek Medical Association of Melbourne under the auspices of the Athens Medical Association and the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece.